Washing tips

Our advice in the maintenance of your cycling clothing

Congratulations! You are in possession of a beautiful Vermarc Sport cycling outfit. After your first great ride, it's time to wash your clothes. But how do you get started? With handy tips you are already next to start your adventure freshly washed.

After exercising

Wash your cycling clothing immediately after exercising. The perspiration tastes the clothing, the fabric becomes thinner and less elastic. Never leave wet garments in closed gym bags made of plastic bags as the fabric may be damaged.

Neutral detergents

Preferably use neutral, liquid and non-chlorine detergents. Do not soak your clothes and do not use fabric softener. Harsh detergents or fabric softeners can damage your Vermarc clothing because they attack the fibers of the fabric, especially the Lycra in the shorts.

Washing temperature

Follow the garment label's washing instructions. The maximum washing temperature is 30°C.

Watch out for Velcro and pockets

Wash the clothes indoors outside and close velcro and closures to prevent prevention. Preferably use a laundry net for clothes and accessories with a Velcro or closure. The friction against raw materials/fabrics can cause a pilling effect which cannot be considered as a defect of the fabric.

Drying instructions

Let your clothes dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight. Preferably dry the garment on a flat surface. Be very careful when using a dryer.

Sports and sun creams

Be careful with sports and sun creams. These can affect and damage the characteristics of the fabric.

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