Personalize your team outfit

Create your own unique sportswear!

Vermarc Sport offers custom made solutions for many sports: cycling, triathlon, athletics, football and many more.

The personalization can be done in two ways. The first option is the interactive tool Be Creative and the second option is to develop a completely unique design.

Be Creative makes it easy to create your own design in a few simple steps. Choose the model, the colors and finish by adding logos and text to get a unique look. Be Creative is ideal for small amounts. Minimum order quantity is 5 sets.

A completely unique design is already possible from 10 sets.

Together with one of our coworkers we will create an exclusive outfit for you and your team.

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Cycling & triathlon

Cycle in an exclusive outfit! Click here for more information about cycling and triathlon clothing.


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Clubs & Business

Football, volleyball, basketball and many more teamsports. Vermarc Sport offers many unique solutions. On the next page you can find more information about custom made teamwear.

Action plan

Personalization of sports clothing is not something that happens overnight. A brief explanation of this process:


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Design with Be Creative

Be Creative is an interactive tool which makes it easy to create your own design in a few simple steps.

Completely unique design

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