Sprint Suit Short Sleeves PR.R
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Sprint Suit Short Sleeves PR.R

Product Information

Aerodynamic sprint suit that feels like a second skin. This sprint suit was tested in wind tunnels where simulations are done with different currents for testing the fabric's structure and fit.


Men & Women

Aerodynamic / racing fit

Cycling garments designed with an aerodynamic slim fit forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable.


The use of fabrics with carbon fibers shields the body from absorbing static energy and UV rays. The structure of the fabric accelerates evaporation of moisture keeping the skin dry and cool. It is antibacterial and inhibits the development of odor causing bacteria.


The use of high performance fabrics with gradient compression levels, provides the right level of surface pressure on specific muscle groups. This technology provides a better comfort, enhancing the blood circulation and getting more vital oxygen and power during activity and helping to reduce lactic acid build up.

High-quality elastic fibers

High-quality elastic fibers

To retain the shape of the product.

Long zipper

Long zipper

The jersey can easily be put on and off.


Garments have reflective logos, strips or are availible in a fluorescent colour to increase safety of the cyclist.

Silicone border

Silicone border

The silicone borders are used in the hem to prevent the shorts from riding up.

Opening in the front

Opening in the front

Makes it for men more easy to pee in speedwear.

Low collar

Low collar

For an extra aerodynamic touch

Windtunnel tested

Garments are tested in cycling specific Wind Tunnels simulating various fluids across the structure of the fabric and the shape of the garment. This knowledge and innovation is used to optimize aerodynamic performance of the garments and to allow riders to be faster than ever.


Belgium & the Netherlands


In Belgium, from €100


Within the EU


Outside of the EU

€20, €25 or €30.

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