Soudal Lotto 2021 Zero Aqua Jersey Long Sleeves
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Soudal Lotto 2021 Zero Aqua Jersey Long Sleeves

160.30 €

Product Information


All Seasons

All Seasons

Products with wind & rain qualities.

Men & Women

Aerodynamic / racing fit

Cycling garments designed with an aerodynamic slim fit forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable.

Water repellent

Garments offering a light protection against light rain conditions.

Silicone strip

Silicone strips are used in the hem to prevent the jersey from riding up.

Extreme weather

Garments made of high technological fibers with advanced treatments for active protection against extreme rain, wind and cold conditions.


Advanced fibers and fabric construction blocking cold air or moisture to come in, but keeping high breathability.


Fabrics with a unique construction which evaporates very quickly moisture from perspiration ensuring a dry and warm feeling.


2 layer fabric with hydrophilic membrane that ensures resistance to wind and light rain while maintaining breathability.


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