A cyclist by heart keeps going.


The time of the year that Christmas and coziness is in the house. The temperature drops. Conquering the cold is for many not an option.

However, staying inside is a no-go for somebody who’s heart is full of passion for cycling.

A true cyclist is not afraid of Jack Frost.

How strong the human body may be, when the cold makes its entrance, wearing the appropriate gear on the bike is a must.

To start, a cyclist needs to wear a base layer during the winter. SIXS underwear ensures optimal temperature regulation of the body. The thermal underwear offers warmth and regulates perspiration.

The legs are the most precious instruments of a cyclist. The antivento tights offers protection against extreme cold weather thanks to a wind- and water-repellent membrane on the knees and the upper legs. This long bib shorts prevents cramped cold legs.

The e-Vent jacket protects the upper body from the rain and the cold. This item is one of the new favorite products of the pro riders. The e-Vent fabric has a dual action: moisture wicking and water-repellent. In addition, the jacket keeps the body warm. The back has a fluorescent finish to be visible in the dark December days.

The head is one of the places where the body loses a lot of heat. The skullcap or balaclava in the roubaix fabric ensures that the head remains warm enough.

E-Vent Rainjacket Yellow

E-Vent Rainjacket Yellow


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