Be a professional cyclist during the winter months & stay warm on your bike.

Wind. Rain. Cold.

The pro riders conquer the bad weather during the first cycling races. To help the riders put up an optimal performance, Vermarcsport developed a new product line: e-Vent.

The name says it all. The e-Vent fabrics are processed in these brand new products. The long sleeved e-Vent jersey delivers the right balance of windproofness and breathability. The Direct Venting membrane blocks the wind and drains transpiration. Above all this jacket is water repellent. The fabric is elastic and the jacket has a tight fit. The back is finished with fluorescent elements to remain visible during the darker days. Combined with SIXS underwear, the cold doesn’t get a chance. This product is ideal to perform during high aerobic activities in bad cold weather conditions.

100 % waterproof. The e-Vent rain jacket consists out of microscopic pores which evaporates the sweat and blocks the water and the wind. Just like the e-vent jersey is the e-Vent rain jacket finished with fluorescent details. An all-year-round product that lies on top of the wardrobe of the pro riders.

Both products are tested and approved with enthusiasm by our pro riders.

E-Vent Rainjacket Yellow

E-Vent Rainjacket Yellow


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