Deceuninck Quick-Step 2021 Champion New Zealand Bib Shorts ES.L
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Deceuninck Quick-Step 2021 Champion New Zealand Bib Shorts ES.L

89.95 €

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The use of fabrics with carbon fibers shields the body from absorbing static energy and UV rays. The structure of the fabric accelerates evaporation of moisture keeping the skin dry and cool. It is antibacterial and inhibits the development of odor causing bacteria.

Light weight

Super light weight fabrics contour perfectly to the body and guarantee a perfect ergonomic fit and racing performance.

Regular / comfort fit

Cycling garments designed to offer maximum comfort accommodating the widest variety of cyclists.


Advanced fibers and fabric construction blocking cold air or moisture to come in, but keeping high breathability.

3D / Prism Pad

Single piece high frequency shammy. Polyester microfiber for fast drying. Monodensity construction and different thicknesses depending on the areas. The single layer gives maximum protection with reduced bulk. High elasticity and freedom of movement. Available both for man and woman.


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