Counterfeit products

Vermarc’s logo and name are registered trademarks and cannot be used by other companies except on explicit agreement by Vermarc Sport.

Vermarc’s success and the success of the pro cycling teams Etixx Quickstep and Lotto Soudal dressed by Vermarc, have led to our products being copied by counterfeiters.

How do I spot a fake product?

An unreal price is generally speaking also a sign it is a fake product. Compare the price to the recommended retail price offered by one of our authorized dealers or on our webshop If there’s a big difference in price, you can be 99% sure the product is a counterfeit.  Check also the website where you will find close-ups and details from different angles of our products which will confirm the differences with the counterfeit products. Other indications are the blank or seemingly false contact information on the ‘contact us’ page, the large number of grammatical or typographical errors or the low quality of pictures.  Double check contact and location information if provided.  Our products are 100% European made and manufactured in Italy and Belgium. Last but not least, if you still doubt, do not hesitate to ask our advice on

How can I tell if a dealer or website is selling counterfeit products? 

The only way to guarantee that the product you are purchasing is authentic Vermarc is to purchase from or an authorized premium Vermarc dealer.  If a site, an individual or a dealer is selling counterfeit products, please let us know via mail on  Vermarc Sport will  will take any steps we judge appropriate to defend our rights and to stop the selling of such copies.

What do I do if I bought a fake or counterfeit product? 

If you bought a counterfeit product, please let us know as soon as possible via mail on Together with our legal department, we will verify the supplier and take the necessary actions. Sent always also a claim directly through your financial institution of your credit or debet card.